Comprehensive List Of All Tecno Firmware Collection

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List of Tecno Smartphone & Tablet Stock rom / Firmware download links

Important Notice

  • You should only download and flash firmware for your exact phone model. Doing otherwise will most likely brick your phone
  • Tecno phones are build number and variant specific. What this means is that just because a firmware is for your phone model doesn’t mean it’ll work perfectly (or at all) when flashed to your phone. You best flash a firmware for your build number
  • Firmware that require specific tools for flashing (e.g Miracle Box) are indicated. Using a different tool might not yield positive results.
  • If you can, its recommended you take note of your phone’s build number and backup your current firmware before flashing another firmware to your phone. This is so you have something to revert to should the new rom brick your phone
  • The above are stock roms, not custom roms. Custom roms are usually custom recovery flashable zips, these mostly require a desktop software to flash
  • That you get an error when trying to flash these zips in recovery mode doesn’t mean they’re corrupt. Neither does your phone still not booting up after flashing. There are specifics on which files are required to be flashed to your device and how they should be flashed
  • Just because a firmware’s build number is very similar to yours does not guarantee that it can be flashed without a problem. Such build numbers might be variants of each other so proceed with caution
  • If all these Are Done Well There should Be Little To Worry About