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Below is a collection of download links to Itel stock roms  / firmware / pac files / flash files.  We'll keep adding to this comprehensive list and would appreciate you sending us download links to any you have that's currently not on our list.

Itel Stock ROMs / Firmware Download Links

* Locate the download link for your Itel phone model below. Ensure to only flash firmware for your phone model so it doesn't get bricked
Important Notice
  • Not all scatter format firmware here are SP Flash tool-flashable. Some firmware are tagged with the appropriate flash tool (e.g Miracle Box)
  • Its important that you only download and flash firmware for your phone model and (preferably) Build Number. Flashing a firmware for another model could brick your device.
  • Its recommended that you backup your current firmware before flashing another so you have a safety net to fall back on should the new rom brick your device
  • The zip files here are mostly to be flashed using Spreadtrum flash tools and not to be flashed like an OTA in stock recovery