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Here’s a comprehensive collection of download links to Infinix Stock roms / Firmware / Flash Files / Rom dumps for several variants & build numbers. We’ll keep adding to this list as we come across more firmware. Do feel free to contribute by uploading your firmware or sending working download links.



How to flash an Infinix Stock rom / Firmware

The exact tool you’re to flash with depends on the contents of the stock rom. Most firmware here can be flashed using SP Flash Tool but some (as indicated) require Miracle Box or are Over The Air (OTA) to be flashed in stock recovery.

List of Infinix Smartphone & Tablet Stock rom / Firmware download links


* Locate the download link for your Infinix phone model below. Ensure to only flash firmware for your phone model so it doesn’t get bricked

Important Notice

  • Its important that you download and flash only a firmware for your phone model. Attempting to flash a different model’s firmware could brick yours
  • The firmware listed here are mostly SP Flash Tool-flashable unless otherwise stated; in which case they might be Miracle Box, OTA or any other stated tool flashable
  • Miracle Box dumps are to be flashed with Miracle Box (especially if in scatter format) because Miracle Box-generated scatter files don’t play very well with SP Flash tool
  • Its strongly advised that you only flash a firmware which matches your phone’s Build Number. The fact that two build numbers are very similar doesn’t necessarily mean they’re inter-flashable; they could be different variant
  • If you can, ensure to dump / backup your phone’s current firmware before flashing any other firmware to it so you have a safety net should the rom you flash brick your phone
  • Try to take note of your Build Number as that would help find the right firmware in case you forget to backup your firmware
  • Infinix released some Qualcomm models so ensure to use the appropriate tool to flash as no Mediatek scatter flash tool would work
  • OTA updates are to be flashed via stock recovery mode. Zipped non-OTA firmware can’t be flashed in recovery mode so getting an error doesn’t necessarily mean the room is corrupt
  • That you flash a firmware yet your phone remains bricked doesn’t necessarily mean the firmware is bad. There are specifics as to which firmware are compatible with each device and how such roms should be flashed