All you need to know about upgrade the system(updating)

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Instructions you need to Follow about upgrade the system(updating)

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we have a lot of post about upgrade the system,to make it easier for you to find them,i will keep updating this post,keep adding relevant content.

Read this post,you can find anything about upgrade the system,include tutorial,Rom, matters need attention and so on.that’s my goal.

Hope you guys will like it,let’s begin!


OTA stands for O.ver T.he , it does have to do with software. you have a smartphone, like a Note4, there are updates to your phone which consists of installing software via the OTA.

As to whether or not you’re running the latest version of software you would go to: Menu-Settings-System-System update-Check for update.

If you want to know more about OTA,click here

【T Card】

T card upgrade is an upgrade method that does not lose any data.
By operatingthe software package of the T card it can reach the goal.

Click here for details

【Flash Tool】

you can upgrade or downgrade your Infinix phone with Flash tool,but this way is risky,so:

1. Please remember to back up your personal files before you update the new operating system.

2. Please strictly follow the instruction to update new operating system.

3. If some issue happens, you can contact local after-sales service center to get help.
here isHow to upgrade Infinix smart device Via X Flash Tool
and click here to getflash tool

But,it’s does not apply to allthe device,if you want update with flash tool,Contact official for more information and help:

it’s my first time to do this,if there are some wrong or question,Tell me in comments,thanks guys~


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